Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines

Polly pockets heart shaped home!

My dad got my niece Poppy a collection of polly pocket homes and he saved the exact same one I had as a child. I was way too happy than a 24 year old should be to receive this but I ain't your average adult. The only thing missing is Polly hereself so if anyone has any miniature dollies lying around y'know she has a home here...

Anyhoo! It was Valentines day and I have returned home and can you believe I couldn't get in my door. It was so incredibly hard with the amount of cards I received. Haha not really but least I can make a joke about it rather than feel all sorry for myself eh? Instead I had a date with Bob... bob the treadmill! Thats right I name cardio equipment at my gym... my other two fav running machines are Milly & Tom btw. 

Well I think I have scared my readers enough for one evening y'know being a crazy singleton will do that to a girl ;)

Stay tuned for my London update and results for the Sidcup 10 mile race coming your way very soon! Hope you all had a lovely day and I'm sending hugs and chocolate to all ♥ 

Love times a thousand


  1. omg, old school polly pocket?! AMAZING!

  2. How was BOB!!! I love that you named them. You are seriously the cutest thing in the entire world and you are hilarious. LOVE your blog. I still have my polly pockets, too funny!! Have an amazing weekend gorgeous girl!

  3. @daisychain I actually squealed when I seen it was the exact same one I had as a little 'un!

  4. @The Hungry Runner Girl

    BOB was okay and he did bob about as soon as you hit 8.0 but me & my friend decided the wobble effect reminds us of outdoor running ;)

    Have a super weekend angel and thank you loads for your lovely email it made me :) :) :)