Saturday, 19 February 2011


This post is a little late but its been a busy old time as usual! I won't go into the why's and wherefores right now so I'll jump in and tell you about our trip to London town....

After a really quick ahem 10 hour over night journey on the mega blue bus which didn't have a bog, toilet, bathroom, whatever you call it our bus didn't have one. We got a grand total of ONE stop and it was way warm. However Chloe sister and I made it safely to London where we went straight to our hotel and promptly fell asleep. I got up in the afternoon for a work out sesh in the nice empty gym and a chilled out (no really it was cold) swim. I then wandered round Kensington and visited Whole foods! The salad bar wasn't a patch on NYC but it was okay none the less. I think my appetite was out of whack from all the traveling or something because nothing appealed. I managed to bag some goodies for my dear friend Sarah which she was delighted with :) Anyway back to bed and got up super early for a day in LONDON!

We walked through Hyde park and observed the runners some people where really toight shorties ;) and some have really amusing running methods. In saying that I probably run like Phoebe from friends so I ain't judging. We headed toward Oxford street and hit up the shops before stopping at my fav place for a coffeeee fix.... Starbucks! Yeah!

Caffeine high we went to...

I had only ever been to the Glasgow store and was well excitable hey! can you blame me?! I had coffee in my system and there was tons of barbies. Even Chloe was overwhelmed just check her little wee face in the panda panda photograph. 

After the Toy shop excitement we headed to Leister Square, wandered through China town, swung by Covent Gardens then headed to Victoria to get the train to go see our good old Dad. Phew! It was an exhausting but very fun day and I loved spending some quality time with my little sis. I am not long in and my kitty cat is demanding attention so I'll be back with the rest of the info on our trip very soon.

Hope you are all having a super weekend and keep your fingers and toes crossed that the weather forecast is wrong and we don't end up with a ton of snow. 

Love love love

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