Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Banana & Honey

New M&S range is rather good... the banana and honey bread is yummeh! Soft, nana, honeyness with added texture of sunflower seeds makes them extra tasty. UK bloggers you should go try them as they are quite special.

This week has been non stop go go go and I have a night bus trip to London town to catch tonight D: I don't mind too much though because I will no doubt nod off and sleep the journey away.

London plans

Book into hotel
Swim and gym
Wholefoods (!!!)
Special adventure with sister dearest
Go visit pops in Maidstone (cannot wait its been way too long)


  1. I'm going to have to try and get to an M&S, this is a must try! YUM!
    SSOOOOO jealous of wholefoods adventure. OMG. Me + you there sometime? YES!

  2. @daisychain
    For sure lovely lady! I hope you had a good day today and I can't wait to meet up for our adventure. Know that you are more than welcome here too :)