Monday, 9 July 2012

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Hello angels

Just in case you missed it I now blog over here and you can add me to your google reader by pasting the link :

Looking forward to hearing from you all and getting back into blogging.

Much Love


Monday, 11 June 2012

Long overdue

It's been a long while since I posted here for various reasons.

I really didn't feel I had anything to offer that was helpful to others and was merely airing my unhappiness online which I was worried I'd later regret.

A lot has happened, family stuff, precious bike bella stolen, my darling darcy is no longer with us and my health has been poor.

However I have been offered a great opportunity to work with a yoga company in Glasgow. More on this later as I have a big announcement :)

I have also been asked to give my thoughts on zero scale. Now if you know me you are probably shifting uncomfortably shifting in your seat... don't worry! I have seeked medical advice and as part of my treatment I am required to be weighed regularly. Now personally I have a battle/obsession with scales and numbers and don't agree that my weight should be a focus. I become transfixed on hitting a number and becoming so overly focused it ruins my life.

Back to zero scale! It was baby blue in colour and matched my bathroom which is always a bonus.

Fairly easy to set up making sure it was on a flat surface. Switched it on and let it record my weight (unknown to me). Curiosity soon got the better of me so I weighed again holding dumbells where it recorded the exact 4lb gain. It seemed fairly accurate and has given me somewhat a relief about my regular weigh ins because if one thing I have learned is weight fluctuates. Weekly! Daily! Hourly! It gives my doctors an idea of what I don't want to really know and it's given me the reassurance that albeit it records weight it doesn't define you.

Zero scale offers the weight indicator but without the flashing your weight and in my case really upsetting me. It shows the slight increases or decreases which personally I find a lot easier to cope with. Ideally I wouldn't like to be weighed at all and would ban any scales (particularly in gyms!) but my health team require this of me and thankfully iv found a product that has helped me. That's not to say it is okay for everyone and I would advise anyone with weight management issues to contact their doctor and follow their advice.

So that wraps up this blog for a little while as I have since moved over to word press to share my yoga journey hopefully you will continue to read at the new blog and will follow me there too :)

Much Love, thanks and cuddles


Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Hello sweeties!

Just dropping by to say I'm taking a break from blogging. I considered deleting the blog but I would really like to come back to it one day. Once I'm in a better place and feel I have something to offer others then it would be beneficial for me to continue writing. For now I need to focus on my health and other things that I have going on in my life. I will still be reading I hope you will stick around for my return :)

All my love


Thursday, 25 August 2011


Like my spin on Hollywood? No? It was a pretty crap attempt really eh? My reason for the film reference is because the center of our home City has turned into a whopping great film set! Oh yes Mr Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are staying here this next week or so for his new movie Z something or another. Thats not the actual name it does have the letter Z though...

Our streets turned into Philadelphia 




So I have yet to see Mr Pitt yet but tbh I am more of a Jolie fan... 

In other star spotting news I attended my mums gym and Billy Boyd was in our power yoga class. The class at my mums gym was okay but the aircon was left on and it was bloody freezing. My usual Sunday class was great as the teacher got out this big bag and emptied it on the floor it was all these pretty shells for us to meditate on. The child in me was like 'coooool' and after meditation I felt really good and had yet another great sleep. Cheers yoga!

Another magic muffin from Sarah :)

In other news this moving malarky is stressful and I have my first ever half marathon in 10 days. I have covered 15 miles before so I am not concerned about the actual distance but due to my good 10k time I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to get another good time. If I ran my 10k pace for the half then I'm pretty sure I'd fall down mid way through. It doesn't help that I feel a lot of pressure from fellow gym people not just with running but in general. People constantly congratulate me on my over exercising I feel encouraged all the time and like I am actually good at something. Its like a sense of achievement, a purpose and makes me feel like I'm not a waste of space. On the other hand though I am at risk of running myself literally into the ground. If I take a day off people get all 'Where have you been? Slacking off?' which ignites any guilt I already carried or the kinder ones say 'WELL DONE' like taking one day off makes everything okay again when really I feel continually trapped. Sometimes I despise exercise because I'm so exhausted but I do love it at the same time. Its such a twisted web and I'm in this cycle that has become increasingly worse this past month or two. I feel like whatever I do is never enough but understand its also too much. Others never say the right thing and I have no control over that and I have no idea what would make me feel good. Mm! I can feel myself going off on a tangent so I'll stop rambling for now because it doesn't make sense in my own head never mind trying to make anyone else understand...

There is 5 more days of filming in Glasgow so there is a possibility I'll run into a Hollywood star over the weekend. The remainder of the weekend will involve packing, tidying and feeling pretty displaced in among removal boxes. Argh!


Sunday, 21 August 2011

Catch up deux

So I'm sure you have been waiting by your computer for my next update to hear my news... right? ;) Anyhoo! I'm moving home! Now this isn't a huge move as I am moving up the stairs in my building. Why? Currently I'm on the ground floor and would feel more comfortable up a few levels and well that extra flight of stairs will certainly burn a few calories... kidding. Seriously though its a much nicer home, with a lovely view of the city and natural light. I can't wait... well I kind of can because moving equals stress but it will all be worth it when I'm settled in my new home :) Now on to more photo overload from the past weeks events!

My sisters wedding also known as a handfasting

My older sister is a witch! Now now...I'm not being mean she is pagan and had the most lovely ceremony wearing a beautiful red dress in a field in the South of England. 

Dad, Clare, Connie and my niece Poppy

Mother & Daughter


The priestess 


Little angels

The spread

All home cooked

My cous cous dish I created


It was a truly wonderful day and I am so happy to be part of it.

After the wedding I spent the rest of my time hanging out with two of my besties

I then headed back through to London stopping by Forever 21 on my route...

and of course getting a whole food fix too!

The night I left London all the riots kicked off and I have to admit there was a strange atmosphere about the City what with underground stations being closed down. I actually decided to get the earlier train to Glasgow because I didn't feel safe. It is horrid what has happened these past few weeks in this country and I really hope things have calmed down and hopefully not have to face something like this ever again. It really is shameful!

Anyway on to....

This weeks plans

Usual routine
Book Spin course
Pack boxes
Clean up
See the little sister
Buy decorating materials
Doctors Appointments

Phew! As you can see its a busy time ahead but hopefully I can get into a little routine of actually uploading photos and having a natter on here more often.
 We shall see eh? Best not get ahead of myself now. Hehe :)


Saturday, 20 August 2011

Catch up

Summer was here and I sat out in the sun for hours and got completely and utterly nothing. I'm so pale I reflect the sun. Seriously.

I went to visit my mother in her new home in the westend and we took a walk in the park and she was keen to show me this cafe.... 

Its next to Mother India and hosts a range of dishes to take home. My mum got Tikka Masala and said it was delish! 

A few weeks back the merchant city festival kicked off down my neck of the woods so I enjoyed a stroll through the markets and street acts. 

A personal best on the rower!

Lovely end to swim to find another smiley face box filled with a scrumptious...


  Days out in Glasgow and evening walks after yoga practice...

I love my weekly yoga class at my gym. I feel it has helped me so much with injury prevention and taking that one hour to just relax a bit has made me feel much better and gives me the best nights kip ever! If you haven't tried yoga and like me were hesitant to give it a go please don't be as it really is wonderful. In saying that I went to a terrible class at another gym and found the teacher really pushy and mean which isn't what yoga is about at all. Small confession... when she turned away I made a swift exit because she was so scary. I never ever leave classes as I think its rude but this class was so bad I made an exception and sprinted for the door. Eaks!

Another trip down South to visit my Dad and for my sisters beautiful wedding (full update next time)

Well I don't want to photo overload you guys so I will continue this catch up tomorrow and I also have a little bit of news to share... 

Love ♥