Monday, 11 June 2012

Long overdue

It's been a long while since I posted here for various reasons.

I really didn't feel I had anything to offer that was helpful to others and was merely airing my unhappiness online which I was worried I'd later regret.

A lot has happened, family stuff, precious bike bella stolen, my darling darcy is no longer with us and my health has been poor.

However I have been offered a great opportunity to work with a yoga company in Glasgow. More on this later as I have a big announcement :)

I have also been asked to give my thoughts on zero scale. Now if you know me you are probably shifting uncomfortably shifting in your seat... don't worry! I have seeked medical advice and as part of my treatment I am required to be weighed regularly. Now personally I have a battle/obsession with scales and numbers and don't agree that my weight should be a focus. I become transfixed on hitting a number and becoming so overly focused it ruins my life.

Back to zero scale! It was baby blue in colour and matched my bathroom which is always a bonus.

Fairly easy to set up making sure it was on a flat surface. Switched it on and let it record my weight (unknown to me). Curiosity soon got the better of me so I weighed again holding dumbells where it recorded the exact 4lb gain. It seemed fairly accurate and has given me somewhat a relief about my regular weigh ins because if one thing I have learned is weight fluctuates. Weekly! Daily! Hourly! It gives my doctors an idea of what I don't want to really know and it's given me the reassurance that albeit it records weight it doesn't define you.

Zero scale offers the weight indicator but without the flashing your weight and in my case really upsetting me. It shows the slight increases or decreases which personally I find a lot easier to cope with. Ideally I wouldn't like to be weighed at all and would ban any scales (particularly in gyms!) but my health team require this of me and thankfully iv found a product that has helped me. That's not to say it is okay for everyone and I would advise anyone with weight management issues to contact their doctor and follow their advice.

So that wraps up this blog for a little while as I have since moved over to word press to share my yoga journey hopefully you will continue to read at the new blog and will follow me there too :)

Much Love, thanks and cuddles



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