Thursday, 25 August 2011


Like my spin on Hollywood? No? It was a pretty crap attempt really eh? My reason for the film reference is because the center of our home City has turned into a whopping great film set! Oh yes Mr Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are staying here this next week or so for his new movie Z something or another. Thats not the actual name it does have the letter Z though...

Our streets turned into Philadelphia 




So I have yet to see Mr Pitt yet but tbh I am more of a Jolie fan... 

In other star spotting news I attended my mums gym and Billy Boyd was in our power yoga class. The class at my mums gym was okay but the aircon was left on and it was bloody freezing. My usual Sunday class was great as the teacher got out this big bag and emptied it on the floor it was all these pretty shells for us to meditate on. The child in me was like 'coooool' and after meditation I felt really good and had yet another great sleep. Cheers yoga!

Another magic muffin from Sarah :)

In other news this moving malarky is stressful and I have my first ever half marathon in 10 days. I have covered 15 miles before so I am not concerned about the actual distance but due to my good 10k time I am putting a lot of pressure on myself to get another good time. If I ran my 10k pace for the half then I'm pretty sure I'd fall down mid way through. It doesn't help that I feel a lot of pressure from fellow gym people not just with running but in general. People constantly congratulate me on my over exercising I feel encouraged all the time and like I am actually good at something. Its like a sense of achievement, a purpose and makes me feel like I'm not a waste of space. On the other hand though I am at risk of running myself literally into the ground. If I take a day off people get all 'Where have you been? Slacking off?' which ignites any guilt I already carried or the kinder ones say 'WELL DONE' like taking one day off makes everything okay again when really I feel continually trapped. Sometimes I despise exercise because I'm so exhausted but I do love it at the same time. Its such a twisted web and I'm in this cycle that has become increasingly worse this past month or two. I feel like whatever I do is never enough but understand its also too much. Others never say the right thing and I have no control over that and I have no idea what would make me feel good. Mm! I can feel myself going off on a tangent so I'll stop rambling for now because it doesn't make sense in my own head never mind trying to make anyone else understand...

There is 5 more days of filming in Glasgow so there is a possibility I'll run into a Hollywood star over the weekend. The remainder of the weekend will involve packing, tidying and feeling pretty displaced in among removal boxes. Argh!


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  1. You are most certainly NOT a waste of space! Well done on your achievements, they are impressive, but also well done on the times when you give yourseld a break- also important!

    That's pretty cool about the filming. Bizarre they chose Glasgow for what looks like NY!!!