Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Crazy times

I think its a given that ain't your typical blog once, twice, three times a day girly so I'll give the apologies for my absence a miss today ;)

Lets see! Last time I updated I was starting to feel quite good and had a relatively pleasant week. Its been brought to my attention by a few people that they don't get the full picture of me from reading my blog. I do keep a lot of stuff to myself because its a public and because I wouldn't want anyone to replicate anything I do. I still struggle with an ED and I am by no means recovered and don't know if I ever will be. I have a lot of bad habits, rituals and obsessions that I don't think need to be displayed on the internet because I'm worried of making a fool of myself but also I wouldn't want someone to feel triggered or upset. What do you think? Should I be more honest? Is there anything you would like to see in the blog?

Recently things have been completely and utterly...(I want to swear, will I swear?) shit. What can I say? it slipped out...

Now to those that know me its no big secret that I love to clean! No really! I love to tidy up, hoover, mop, polish and steam clean. The last one not so much after my sunshine yellow steam cleaning friend is now an enemy after it blew up in my face. The lid came flying off, spurted water out along with boiling hot steam right towards my eyes. Screaming in agony I went to my neighbors home who got me straight to a&e where they seen me in 4 minutes flat because I was howling in so much pain. Painkillers, ibuprofen, tramadol and 15 minutes later I was a little calmer. Found out I was incredibly lucky that it was superficial burns and I was still able to see okay. I think more than anything I was really shaken up and frightened. That pain was unbearable though and for the first time in a very long time I didn't think about food, exercise, anorexia all I could think about what getting rid of the pain. Blessing in disguise? hmm! however it did slow me down and stop me in my tracks. My heart goes out to people that have to live with pain in their life and it just goes to show how quickly things can just blow up (no pun intended) in a split second. Least I'll have good pores and have decided chemical peels off my list of things to try ;)

Next on the list of crappy things is my most treasured possession was taken from me... thats right guys some loser stole my iPhone. Here are some of the photos I managed to save before my dear phone was taken from me...

My latest Nike triax running shoes! A lot of folks knock nike but these babies have got me through my longest runs and what's it they say... if it ain't broke don't fix it!

My favourite cross training/ comfortable/ kicking about trainers because they are pretty and pink :)

Finally my cat needs to see a therapist and yeah you read that right! My cat has some form of ADD and general behavioral issues so after numerous vet trips, feliway diffuser, more attention, etc he is still wreaking havoc in my home. The vet actually suggested I contact a therapist for him which I have to laugh about because only I would end up with a cat in therapy too!


  1. aw, kitty therapy! it was recommended for Flash once!

  2. Omg, glad your ok after the incident with the steam cleaner, it sounds like you had a lucky escape and things could be a lot nastier than they were.
    I LOVE your pink nike trainers. Sorry to hear your phone was stolen.xx

  3. I like your blog! I never want to suggest anything for anyone's blog because I like people to be what they want to be and not feel the need to do anything other than what they feel/need/enjoy!
    Your pink and black Nike trainers are lovely!I had a pair of white, electric blue and turquoise ones when I was a teenager and I loved them so much! I saved up soooo long for them and wore them to death!
    EEEEOCH, that sounds horrid about your eyes! It's amazing how hot steam can be and it can burn/hurt you more than the actual hot water- my dad says it's called latent heat or something like that. Hope you are ok now!
    Boo hiss to the i-phone scoundrels and hope the cat enjoys therapy- my mum has a book on our shelf called 'Do cats need shrinks?'!

  4. Oh no! I'm so sorry. I hope things are starting to go better for you. Wow- how scary and painful! You poor thing. :(
    And grr about the iphone. sigh.. x0x0