Sunday, 3 April 2011


Firstly thank you so much for all your wonderful comments on this post :)

I have shared photos of other cities but have failed to show you pictures of where I live so here are some for you to have a nosey over...

I like pretty lights :) can you tell?

I took these while coming back from a nice long walk the other evening. I needed to clear my head because its been a pretty overwhelming week. Intensive therapy sessions, family stuff, study, exercise regime and feeling even more tired than last week. Things just keep going round in circles and I don't make any progress in fact things just get worse or at least they get better then a remark or small event tips me back over the edge. I have been trying to focus on my studies more and have met some wonderful friends lately which has helped a lot. 

I hope you all had a fabulossy weekend :)

This weeks plans

Hang out with the little sis
Appointments including blood test (hopefully anemia has gone)
Spring clean
Coffee dates


  1. Beautiful photos :) There's a statue very much like that one in Durham too.

    Your paragraph about your tiredness applies to me too: take care of yourself as best you can and good luck with the swimathon (I wish I was a swimmer! Most I've ever managed in my life is 2500m and usually I can't make it past 1200!)


  2. Oooh - thanks for sharing your photos of Glasgow (and its pretty twinkly lights!). I lived in Glasgow for three years (I was doing a degree at GU and GSA) and I loved the city - I'd move back at the drop of a hat if I had a good excuse...
    Good luck with the week ahead, x x x

  3. Good luck for everything this week beautiful x

  4. coffee dates are a must!! Pictures are beautiful; makes me want to travel! Thank goodness I'll be in the UK next year :)