Monday, 7 February 2011

Jillian Michael's

Yoga Meltdown

After trying 30 day shred (amazing btw) Level 3 is a nice little killer and for a 20 minute workout its pretty super. Anyway! I decided to try out Michael's yoga meltdown... I should of known that no session featuring Jillian was going to be plain sailing. My weekly yoga class is very zen, calming and relaxing. This dvd however is quite the opposite...

Level 1 was relatively slow paced but I'm used to hearing Jillian shout at you to leave the dvd on and not to give up. It would be hard to relax while she is about ;) Level 2 was a great workout and really enjoyable too. Definitely worth a shot if you want a yoga workout and I would reccomend 30 day shred for strength and cardio training for sure.

 The crow pose I could not do

However I successfully (ahem minus the leg in the air) perfected the wheel

I haven't got a lot else to up date on at the moment. I cooked my friend Sarah a meal on Saturday night which was nice as she is full of compliments about my cooking and for someone that believes they can't cook its always lovely to hear. 

Butternut squash nut roast with a selection of roasted veggies

I am a bit useless at coming up with meal ideas other than roast veg so if anyone has any fancy simple-ish dishes then send them my way. I do enjoy cooking for others! Oh what an ED thing to say haha but genuinely I do love seeing people enjoy their food and envy anyone that has a healthy relationship with food. 

Today I had a whirly spin class, 10 mile run and good old swim. I also improved on my rowing technique and actually put more focus into what I was actually doing because rowing had become somewhat a tiresome chore. I think I caught myself yawning at least 5 times during row your boat times last week which told me it was time for a work out shake up. Afterwards I zoomed to the doctors on my bike and I am pleased to say not a single car beeped at me today. Its a record guys! seriously. So I had to get my blood taken which is never fun and I am hoping results come back a little better than my last lot. Fingers crossed!

This weeks plan

Prep for London times (Pack clothes, organise iPod, etc)
Meet Chloe


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  1. I rely far too heavily on innocent veg pots for meals!

    I want that DVD! I need to get fit.