Sunday, 2 January 2011

One Hundred

Happy 100th Post Bloggy :)

Sale Bargain (trainers not the cat)

aaaand pose! fierce Darcy fierce!

My trainers were reduced to less than half price in the sales! I was mega pleased. Obviously when I went to photograph them Darcy wanted to hog the limelight. One day I will post something I've purchased other than sports gear maybe I will even buy a dress!  

The gym and pool were still closed yesterday which was a bit frustrating so after some shopping I indulged in a free trial at Paris' family chain... 
I did a little over one hundred laps of their little pool and got a good workout in the near empty gym so I left rather pleased. I should start reviewing gyms I visit as I really do take full advantage of these free trial things. I had one for Virgin Active but it made me wish I was rich so I could actually become a member so perhaps not. Anyway! Later I got a sports massage which was amazing and has made my legs feel brand new. It was long overdue and definitely something I need to get more often especially if I continue to run as much! Its been a good second day to the year and I have reached post number 100! Wowzer.

Have you had any good sale buys? What are they? Where is your favorite shop for bargains?