Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Sweeties!

11 miles to start 2011!

Its a cracking good start! My garmin arrived yesterday a few days late but its here and I ♥ it. Now I have to wait the footpod arriving. Gah! I used my nike band for my new years run today and my what a pleasant run. I met my good friend at the park in mild temperatures, clear air and no rain/snow/ice. I have decided that I will run outside more in order to get out the confines of the gym. That goal brings me to talk about my new year resolutions...

Eleven goals for 2011

1. Outdoor Activity- Cycling and running outdoors a lot more rather than slogging it out in the gym letting hours of my day dwindle away because I'm compelled to do that one more miles on the elliptical or an extra 20 minutes on the rower. No more! Its tiresome and boring.

2. Sign up for races and have something to train towards. Starting with Arthers seat next week, duathlon in March and all going well I would love to do a marathon this year. 

3. Stretch stretch and more stretching

4. Make time for things other than a grueling exercise regime.

5. Bake and make new recepies

6. Throw myself into my work and study

7. Stop caring about what people thing/ do/ say as at the end of the day... what does it matter?!

8. Don't let numbers, weight and calories dictate my life! This is a hard one as I feel its something that will always be with me but I don't want it to rule and control me like it has been doing. I need to shift the focus a little and step outside the box even if its one foot. Its gotta be better than being stuck inside the box.

9. Visit new places and travel outside Glasgow. This could be a adventure to Loch Lomond, a trip to London to meet up with Laura or a City break in Europe (finance depending)

10. Write more wether it be on here, journalling or finally finishing my book (something that I started i.e one chapter and have yet to finish!)

11. Moan less! I feel I whinge way too much and I need to start being a little more positive as nobody likes hanaging out with Miss Negativity

Do you have new years resolutions? What are your hopes for 2011?



  1. Good luck with your resolutions sweetie,
    I was hoping to get out for a run this morning but alas it wasn't to be.


  2. Happy 2011, m'dear! :) Hope you rang it in with a bang! Good luck with all your goals for the year. Please stick with number important. Look in the mirror, that's whose thoughts only matter. As long as you're happy, nothing else matters. Try to stick with number 8 as well. Numbers, numbers, numbers...everyone is controlled by the numbers, no matter what they say. A number is a number. If you feel good, who cares about the number! Good luck with the fitness goals and routines. I hope your year is positively wonderful and amazing. Sending good vibes your way, always. :)

  3. @Abbey

    Happy New Year angel! Thank you so much for you encouragement :)

    I hope you're keeping well and drop me an email sometime with details so I can get a little package mailed to you!