Friday, 31 December 2010


Ten things that happened in 2010

1. Adjusted... adjusted to a lot of changes and learned to live more independently

2. Exercised quite a lot

3. Graduated with a BA

4. Became much closer to my family particularly my younger sister Chloe ♥

5. Redecorated my flat

6. Visited London

7. Plucked up the courage to ride my bike in the City

8. Went to NYC all on my jones

9. Hosted, prepared and served Christmas dinner in my home

10. Learned that you can't please everyone

What has 2010 brought to you?

Have a lovely evening and i'll be back next year!

Goodbye 2010 


  1. Happy New Year gorgeous girly,
    here's to a fab 2011, and hopes that we meet up at last! x

  2. @daisychain

    Happy New year lovely :)

    Can't wait for our little meet up :D this will be the year we get to go our shopping trip!