Saturday, 20 November 2010

NYC: Two

I decided to do the 'tourist' thing and got onboard the NYC Telvision/ Movie tour. Someone must of informed the weatherman that day because it was freezing and pouring with rain so the comfort of a cosy bus was very welcome. Of course I was the last passenger to arrive after battling with the subway as I still hadn't managed to get to grips with the system which btw only took me until the final day to get a handle on. I climbed on the tour bus and was welcomed by the most cheery excitable host. She was cray cray and got us all to sing friends and cheers tunes which is beyond cheesy but a part of me really enjoyed the outing! Some of the locations we visited include gossip girl, friends, sex & the city, law & order, enchanted, spider man, devil wears prada... gosh the list goes on! Its understandable why NYC is filming central as it has a complete movie vibe and I was particularly stunned at the fact smoke actually comes off the street!  

I am Legend (Will Smiths House)

SATC (Bens Pizza Place)

Ghostbusters (!!!!)

Will & Grace (Apartment)

The Cosbys Street


I did enjoy the television adventure and while out shopping later that week I seen a street being closed down for the filming of Ben Stillers new movie. America gets cool shows and we get Braveheart... score! Luckily the following day the weather was a lot brighter so I took a walk round taking in the sights and went for a wander round Central Park which is huge! I didn't cover every corner but the times I did visit were ever so nice :)

Photo overload much and to think thats me half way through the NYC recap ;) Oh well! It beats me rambling non? If you missed it you can read my about my Iceland adventure here and the beginning of New York deets here


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  1. Oooh that seems like so much fun, if I ever get to NY I fully intend to embrace my inner tourist.