Monday, 15 November 2010


First stop Iceland!

After a relatively quick flight and airport transfer I arrived at Hotel Loftleidir which was a lovely big hotel with heated (and by heated I mean warmest ever) pool, sauna, mini gym, cable TV and picturesque views. I enjoyed an amazing swim in the morning and wished all pools were as warm as the ones in Iceland. In the market nearby I discovered larabars which I had heard about from a range of my favourite blogs so I was keen to give them the taste test. No doubt about it they are yummy but (don't shoot me) I prefer good old trek bars ;)  

Adventures in Reykjavik...  

I had been looking forward to going to Iceland for a long while it had always been on my list of 'Places I have to visit' and although it was pretty and every person I encountered was very polite. Iceland itself was obviously freezing cold with an ice cold breeze and wind that almost sweeps you off your little feet. It is beautiful but the place was exceptionally quiet to the point it was a little creepy! I was wandering round the shops and typically was the only person in the store other than the shop keeper. Nobody was around! Traveling alone became a stark reality and I felt pretty sad and lonely until I discovered this amazing little boutique...

The little Christmas shop! 

Just what I needed to lift my dwindling spirits. I adore Christmas and the moment you walk in this place you are hit with the Christmas smell, music, wonderful trinkets and the festive feeling kicking in. It was a neat little find and nice end to my adventure in Reykjavik

Late afternoon I headed back to the airport to get my flight to JFK and was all set to head to New York City well almost ready...

A caffiene fix set me all raring to go for the last leg of my journey :)

So that was Iceland and I will be back with more about my travel adventures shortly. I have missed home and my kitty cat quite a bit and have a lot of blogs to catch up on. My google reader is overflowing right now :O so bare with me which I catch up and organise the remaining 800 (yes eight zero zero photographs) don't worry I won't subject you to all of them!



  1. Thank you for the lovely travel blog! Keep it up, I can't wait for more <3

  2. Amazing.

    and I really want to try lara bars, though I don't think anything will beat nakd or trek!

  3. Looks cooold, but amazing! The Christmas store looks absolutely lovely.
    I like Larabars, but I only like the peanut butter one. The other flavors I've tried were okay, but nothing great. I don't know if you've heard of them or not, but Luna bars are my fave!
    Can't wait to hear/see more of your adventure! :)

  4. @daisychain

    Heh nothing beats trek brownie bars! Love xxx

  5. @Abbey

    Ohh I tried a smores Luna bar and wish I had tried other flavors! We should do a mail swap and I'll send you some UK goodies :D

    Lots more installments to come missy!