Wednesday, 17 November 2010

NYC : One

I made it! I got all the way to NYC, got my flight, navigated the subway and found my apartment dragging a broken suitcase. Yes! My luggage of course got damaged on the flight and the suitcase handle failed on me.  

My apartment was booked using airbnb which I was a little apprehensive about but the host I stayed with couldn't of been nicer! They had two cute cats, clean adorable room, use of their bicycle and all home facilities including laundry and internet. I felt comfortable the minute I set foot in the house and got to meet some lovely new friends :)

I set off to the City for a wander and headed to Union Square...

This area was a particular favourite of mine during my stay and it had an amazing....

Whole foods!

After some shopping and taking in the sights

Madison Square Gardens & Flat Iron District

I took a trip up to the top of Empire State at night time (!)

The view of the city and bright lights is amazing and I am glad I did take the time to see the Empire in the evening. Everying in NYC seemed huge but up in the sky it all felt a little less intimidating! It offered a wonderful views and of course... it was cold so I didn't spend too long up in the air. I will be back shortly for installment numero two... hope you all are keeping well and didn't miss me too much ;)



  1. Beautiful pictures! I love the ones from the top of the Empire State Building. Can't wait to see what other sights you have to show us!

    And as you mentioned, we should totally do a mail swap! :)

  2. @Abbey

    Thank you sweet :)

    Yay! I don't have your email but if you drop me a line on butterflyshapes at gmail dot com we can swap info and I'll get some goodies in the mail to you soon :D