Sunday, 21 November 2010

NYC: Three

I couldn't go to the Big Apple and not visit the Statue of Liberty! It is true guys... she is teeny tiny and Liberty island is certainly not full of adventure. Earlier that week I went on the Staten Island ferry which was free and made this expensive wait in the very long cue and windy cold visit to the island not all that worth the trip but still... I got a nap on the boat. For some reason any transport that isn't my bicycle sends me to sleep! Buses, cars, subways, airplanes and now boats can be added to the list. This may explain why I still don't have a driving licence ;) I digress! Here are some of the snap shots from my meeting with Ms Liberty...

When I arrived at Battery park I obvs hit up the nearest Starbucks for a caffiene fix! I then went to pay my respects at ground zero which made me feel slightly strange. While I was in the area I had a peak at Wall Street then walked round the shops and got slightly lost in my thoughts and wound up walking all the way to Columbus Circle! It was an exhausting day.

The following day I decided to brave it and go to the top of the Rockerfeller center. It took my a while to find the actual elevator to the top because I'm daft like that. My ears popped on the way up and my stomache lurched as it shot into the sky. Now... I am not afraid of heights take for example going to the top of the Empire State! Maybe it was something to do with the time of day but when I first stepped out to take in the view I felt really frightened! I managed to adjust after a self talk and felt completely fine once I got outside in the fresh air. The view really is something to behold and I would definitely recommend going to the Top of the Rock!

After my adventure at Rockefeller I took a visit to NYC Public Library & Grand Central Station. 

While I was visiting I met up with a friend and instead of sampling the american foods we ended up going to the most bizarre amazing french restaurant called Chez Le Chef for some pumpkin soup. This little find was amusing and the chef has a full on twirly mustache and wears a tall hat. I giggled at the decor and it was certainly an interesting outing! Afterwards we headed to the The Bowrey Ballroom for a gig. However I needed to leave relatively early to catch the sub but it was lovely night.

Its been freezing cold back here at home but tonight I perhaps put heating on a little too high as for once I am way too warm! I best go see to that before I overheat and also run up another massive heating bill :O



  1. Your pictures are absolutely amazing! :)
    Looks like a fabulous time!

  2. You are seriously fuelling my NYC dreams x