Sunday, 5 September 2010


When I was a child people will likely remember the save the lamb expedition! Also when asked what I want to be when I grow up my response wasn't a nurse or a princess... no no I announced I was going to be a marine biologist that was until I found out you had to swim in cages with sharks ;)

Today was the 10k Great Scottish Run which I was insanely anxious about due to the fact I was going alone and a lot of people decided it was the worst idea ever due to my health. It isn't smart to work out with my condition and I don't advocate anyone gives it a go. Good news is I had breakfast for the first time in a very long while in order to make sure I was properly nourished and had made an effort not to run prior to the race AND challenged a food fear the night before eating a bowl of pasta!

The race itself was a big disappointment, the atmosphere wasn't spectacular and I didn't feel as elated as I was expecting. Perhaps its due to the fact this week has been exceptionally difficult combined with having a mind full of worry. Anyway I completed the race in 51.01 and of course did my rounds on collecting freebies at the end. You can never have enough pens, stress balls, t shirts and 'spend more money and get a 10% discount' offers!

I have a busy week of appointments and I am very tired. Wow! Sorry to be a downer people. I do have something very exciting to prepare for though and thats my trip to NYC! I breifly mentioned I was going to the big apple in this post. I failed to follow up with details! I will fly to Iceland at the beginning of November, will spend some time in Reykjavik then I am going to the USA for 12 days AND during the weeks I am there the New York marathon is on and I only went and got myself a place! Just kidding guys ;) I will however be watching from the sidelines. I can't wait to get away and I terribly excited about going to my dream destination. The only problem will be what do I leave behind! Will it be cold? Freezing? How many pairs of shoes? What boots to take? What coat? How many coats? I think a sensible list on what to bring will need to be created so if anyone has any pointers on traveling light then please enlighten me at this early stage.

Well its that time... Bee bed time

Nah night


  1. Sorry the atmosphere wasn't as you expected for the race. :\ Good job though! And good job on the pasta and breakfast. :)

    As for the trip to NYC...jealous! I love it there! I went last September with my sister and had a blast! My biggest pointer for NYC...good, comfy shoes! And being that you're going in November, it will probably be cold!

    Remember, anytime you want to chat or need someone to simply listen...I'm here. I'll gladly pass on my email to you if you'd like. :) Always sending good vibes your way!

  2. Thank you angel! The same goes for you :) I'm here anytime! butterflyshapes at gmail dot com

    Glad you had a good Sunday and sorry to hear about the mocha D:


  3. Huge congratulations on the race! It's a shame that the atmosphere wasn't what you expected: I often find that is the case with the races we look forward to the most, because they can't live up to the 'hype' as it were. But that's a great time, particularly when, as you say, you're not in the best place health-wise. With a time like that, just think how strong and fast you could be with a little extra nourishment and muscle!

    Your NYC trip sounds seems to be the blogger destination of choice lately! I've never been but it WILL be cold in November so pack lots of snuggly clothes.

    Please don't worry about me! I am still reading etc. but don't really feel up to posting at the moment...perhaps tomorrow? Anyway, I'm so sorry if I caused you any additional stress or anxiety but I am as okay as I can be at present and I'm not worth worrying about like that: keep on focusing on your health and happiness :)