Saturday, 4 September 2010


The most awkward first impression I feel I've given...

Well! In general I feel I'm pretty awkward as I tend to speak my mind and suffer from foot in mouth syndrome. I would give some examples but they are very cringeworthy to the point I flinch to think about them. When I meet people I may come across okay/ relatively 'normal' but inside I am a bit of a mess. I am really anxious and become hyper aware about what I'm saying then once its over with I replay the scenario over and over again. What can I say? I'm a thinker! that sounds really grammatically incorrect (like the majority of my blog writing ;) but whatever.

Picture this! First visit to the secondary school for a little taster of what its like and what to expect. I enter the building and was not expecting a set of stairs to my left... yup you guessed it! I took the flight of stairs with a full on tumble over. Ouch! The entire first year were there to witness my unfortunate trip and of course like we all do when someone trips and falls everyone laughed. What I should of done is laugh at myself but the shock of it all made me burst into tears. I was known as the girl that tripped and cried like a baby when I crashed at the bottom of the steps. You have to admit thats pretty awkward and extremely embarrassing D:

Tomorrow its the Great Scottish Run and I need my sleep!


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  1. I'm pretty much the same when it comes to embarrassing moments. I can't just shrug it off or laugh at myself, for the most part...I go silent or get upset.

    Good luck for the run! :)