Sunday, 24 January 2010

Busy Bumble Bee

I have been on the go constantly and I am actually pretty tired however I can't seem to sit still and my mind never seems to rest.

Exercise is meant to be a good thing right? It can improve your health, fitness and make you feel really good. However exercising too much?! What? There is no such thing!  Some would have you believe this but the fact is some people (myself included) suffer from over exercising.  A lot of people I've encountered seem to have a hard time forcing themself to go to the gym but for me I am the polar opposite. I struggle to leave the place and as daft as it sounds I feel exceptionally guilty and upset if I don't finish what I set out to do.

I have tried to distract myself and make other plans but I end up ditching them in favour or the gym/ classes or swimming. Its pretty ridiculous really but nothing seems to pick me up as much as exercise and the thought of sitting down for a long period of time equals low mood and feeling like a complete failure.

The good news is I am trying to get help but right now I am finding cutting back on exercise to be a huge struggle. So I am trying to make sure I fuel myself as I am doing more than ever and it would be a school girl error to not keep the engine running in order to sustain! I do enjoy cooking but my recipe head seems to lack a great deal so if anyone has any good suggestions especially in the shape of smooth nutritious soups and tasty sauces that go well with veggies and chicken?!  I would really appreciate your input!

I tried the above snack this week! Marks & Spencer Giant Couscous & Wheatberries With Roasted Butternut Squash Salad...yum right? Afraid not people!! It sounds delish but it was actually pretty poor so yeah its not just M&S food it's total misleading sad let down food.

I have opted to have a lazy Sunday (for me anyway) and slept in until half 9 so I feel more rested and ready for a new week!




  1. Soups are simple, you can literally throw anything you want in a pan. I can dig up some recipes for you when my head is more together if you like xx

  2. Thank you sweetie :) I made butternut sqaush, sweet potato and coconut soup and it was horrid! Thinking of you & if you need me just let me know xxx