Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Clear Roads

Bonjour lovelies

The snow has finally melted and its not as cold! Pheweee! However this weekend we are due another cold snap... sadface.

This week I have been super busy and have barely had chance to sit down in fact I don't think I have really sat down except for sleep times. Although catching Zzz'z is a task & a half primarily because of my young child cat. Honestly Darcy has some form of ADD and likes to howl and scratch my door for a good two hours every single night. I love my cat to bits but he does love attention so its hard to ignore his sing song meow and his beautiful blue eyes... non?

This week it was the relaunch of dance class releases which is always good! Also enjoyed a number of Spin classes minus yesterdays one as the strap on my pedal broke and it came round at spinning speed into my  poor leg. I was at the front of the class and I am aware the mirror reflection of this painful comical moment was on show for all to see. Calf & pride in one fellow swoop. Ouchies!

I am planning to do the woman's 10k in May but its far away so I decided to sign up for the 5k fun run in March. I would like some company so if anyone is floating around on this day feel free to join me! I have had a really good running week running 6 miles on Monday & Tuesday and took it easy with a 3 mile run and stretch session today. I overtrained in November and put my ankle out so I am trying to be more careful this year.

I have found a substitute to my all time favourite cereal which I first encountered in Italy during my travels and just fell in ♥ with the stuff. Much to my disappointment we don't get it here in the UK and even kind emails to Kellogs never amounted to anything! I am getting to the point... no really I am! In our local German supermarket I found Nougat pillows & by god yes they are as good as they sound. The word pillow probably helps as it makes me feel slightly dreamy. Just me?! Thought as much! Anyway I do suggest you try a bowl of these little delights!


Well I am feeling the effects of my busy week catching up and still have some emails & study I should really set about.

Hope you all are having an enjoyable week :)



  1. nougat pillows? I'm in!

    more cold weather, seriously?! *dies a little inside*

  2. Nougat pillows! Bloody hell! Where did you get them from, again?

    Thats good about the running, I did alot of running last year, but laid off it when I got a knee injury. Wanting to get into again once the snow and ice has laid off it a bit as I'm needing to shift weight and get fit.

    Hope you're doing well, lovely!

    Susan xxx

  3. Get yourself to Lidl's Susan!

    As for running! If you decide to do the fun run let me know as I don't know anyone that is up for going.

    Nice to hear from you :) Hope you're well too love


  4. I didn't even know you had a blog! Good stuff! x

  5. Yeah not many people do! Have you still got yours? Also meant to reply to your text... oops! I do miss seeing you btw! Hope all is well x