Monday, 4 July 2011

No let up

Sunny Glasgow town

I swear you would think I make up half the stuff on this blog as it just seems to be doom followed by gloom followed by doom. I'll get the bad stuff out the way first so we can end this post on a good note...

My beautiful grandmother aged 88 died last Monday evening due to heart failure. It was completely unexpected as despite her ailments she was really mobile and had a more active social life than myself. We have been blessed in our family that we have never lost a close member which has made this bereavement even harder to deal with.

I felt in shock about the death and proceeded to continue as normally as one could but I felt really unwell. I put it down to the fact I've never lost a loved one and that I would feel okay again by the weekend. Well that didn't happen! I got progressively worse when my temperature sky rocketed, I felt completely disorientated and was unable to keep anything including water in my system. On Friday I woke up with tracking up my leg and an incredible painful foot so an emergency appointment and half an hour later I was diagnosed with celluitus and sent packing with 12 antibiotics per day. I was told it could of turned into blood poisoning and if I had left it any longer I would of been hooked up to an IV for antibiotics. However this still remains a possibility because I am not healing as fast as I should be so keep everything crossed my body bounces back within the next 48 hours.

Brighter things! The girl well or I should say lady with the red hair is my younger sister Chloe! Graduating in Film & Media studies with a huge 2:1 :) Our proud parents and I went to her graduation last week which was lovely and the sun was shining all day for her ♥

Why what on earth is in here you ask?

 One ball of amazingness

Oatmeal cookie

Chocolate nana muffin

All made lovingly by my wonderful gym buddy bestie Sarah ♥

I'll be swimming in the pool and will catch her sneaking a cutesy tuppaware box under my soap bag. The rest of the swim I wonder what magical creation Sarah has cooked up and look forward to having a peak before I've even hit the showers. She really is a sweetheart :)

My other goodie great news is............. drumroll

I passed my fitness Anatomy and Physiology level 2 theory course with 86% mark

I had kept it quiet that I had started the course and was due to sit my exam because I was feel all superstitious and was worried I was going to fail but I didn't!!!! I passed with probably my best mark for an exam (I'm more an essay girl) ever :D

So its good news bad news week and I've tried my best to steer away from being a Debbie Downer and I hope you can all hang round during this difficult time. I am still reading all your blogs and appreciate every comment and great support from you lovelies.


  1. That's so nice of Sarah :) I wish I had a gym buddy as opposed to witchy old withered crones always commenting on my belly-fat!

    Anyway, have messaged you as well but I just wanted to comment here too to say that I am so sorry for all of the stuff you're having to go through. To be honest it does seem very unfair and I have to emphasise that you've done nothing whatsoever to deserve this. I wish you all of the strength in the world in getting through such a difficult and demanding time.

    Love and hugs


  2. Awesome on the mark :)

    I am so sorry about your grandma.
    I was really close to mine and she was a similar age.
    So I am thinking if you <3

    And I really hope your health improves soon {{{hugs}}}

  3. Aww honey. I'm so sorry about the bad news.

    Congrats about the course!

    Hugs to you. Thinking of you and sending you healing vibes. x0x0

  4. Aw, sending virtual TLC for your health and your heart woes. It is hard to lose a loved one so unexpetedly no matter the age.

  5. So sorry about your gran- and hope you get better soon! On the plus side, that is fantastic about your exam- very well done!