Sunday, 17 April 2011

London Marathon

This time... just over the half marathon! This is called increasing mileage VERY slowly ;)

Oh wow I'm super jealous of all those crazy runners that were doing the London Marathon! The furthest I have ran is 13.11 miles (as of today) but I would love love love to give a marathon a go . It was one of my New Years resolotions but everyone I know has advised me against it due to my health. I can't help but feel annoyed and want to do one anyway but then again take my time and be able to run lots versus never running again. I ran (pun intended) it past my doc to see her thoughts and she practically laughed me out the door. I can kind of see why but the ED part of me is like 'you aren't sick anymore its all goood' but I know thats a pretty distorted thought considering how I have been of late.

As for my time I didn't actually look because I reset the treadmill before I had chance... I was just glad to have completed a good distance :) People get so caught up in times and thats not what running should be about especially if you are running often. I have enough injuries thank you!

Anyway. Another beautiful sunny day! I went a cycle and it was just glorious. I love my bike even if it is a size fit for a 12 year old. What can I say?! I'm a shorty!

New M&S side salad range is delish! I haven't tried the others because sadly they are mainly rice based. This has quinoa which I do like!

Well its getting late and I need some shut eye. 
Fingers crossed for a sunny Monday!

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  1. I've found running to be the thing that most helps recovery. endorphins rock. It is harder to train for a full marathon w/ a flaring ed issue bc it's hard not to obsess about eating more- you think, oh, i'm running twenty miles, i don't really NEED an extra 2,000 calories- when, you know, you do... then your body goes spazzy. just take it slow and give yourselves months to train. also some trainers argue running on a treadmill- while it's still awesome you can go that long- doesn't properly prepare you for the surface of running an outdoor race. just a thought. great run :]