Sunday, 1 May 2011

Royal Weekend

I wasn't all that fussed for the Royal Wedding but I have to say Kate looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress. I'm not one for weddings, marriage, love, la de da but her day made me a little sappy and was genuinely blown away with how amazing she looked in that dress. Its just a shame her husband is going baldy... when I was young I had a massive crush on Prince William but he outgrew himself or something and is looking more like his father D:

Anyway its been a while since my last ramble! So heres a few photos to bring us up to date...

Easter goodies

Arrival of Summer

Pretty in Pink

With a splash of Kidston

It was great seeing my Dad as I only see him a couple of times a year but we chat on the phone daily. He decorated my bedroom which is almost complete I just need to get new curtains. Ikea sold out the ones I was planning to buy so a trip to the big blue & yellow building resulted in one purchase... cutlery. Calm yourself and don't get too excited now ;) I also seen my mother and sister over the Easter weekend which was nice and was very much a family filled event.

This week we have had a glorious week of weather again which has brightened my mood a lot. My freckles have even popped out to say hello! perhaps I can catch some rays (safely) to perk up my washed out vampire look.

Yesterday my super triathlete friend and lovely gym instructor headed South side to explore the 10K route in prep for the woman's event next week. I had not idea how close it actually was! I am insanely worried as my legs have felt like lead lately and I've pushed too much mileage out of them. All of us were injured (is injury in the air?!) so we were like 3 oldies plodding along. Physio is on holiday to the end of the week so I looking forward to going on Friday for massage.  The tendonitis hasn't been too bad but I've been over compensating on my left so I kinda ache all over. Ouchie boo! Anyway I'm convinced my time isn't going to be super good because if I push too hard even in swimming I get horrible twinges that just do not feel right. I would tell anyone else to ease up and rest but with me its a different ball game and I'm scared to rest. I have eliminated sprint sessions and still no body attack which is gutting because there is a new release. My physio doesn't think I should do attack again which makes it even more desirable but the thought of a plyometric lunge makes my knee hurt.

In other news I have enjoyed some lovely bicycle rides and took a 10 mile trip to a shopping center on the outskirts of the City. Even though I was just outside Glasgow it made a difference to get away from the hub of it all for a day.

My mac is going slowly because I am in the process of downloading gossip girl, desperate housewives and ANTM for my iPoodle so I'll wrap up just now.

Hope all of you had a great weekend

Love Love 

Ps. I have applied for the London Marathon 2012 ballot its unlikely I'll land a place but hopefully I do get a in... eaks!


  1. My physio is on holiday too so I empathise with your injury dilemma. I think I've messed with my chances of doing well (err, or even starting) the Edinburgh marathon via over-training too.

    I applied for London! But I think there will be an influx of applications due to it being an Olympic year. You never know, though.

    Good luck with the ballot and with your race :)


  2. Ohh best of luck with the Marathon ballot!

  3. Ouchee!!! Do be careful of those limbs!!!!