Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Verdict

I have tendonitis which can you believe derived from doing too much?! Yeah doesn't take a brain surgeon to work that out.

I managed to get in a nice long run yesterday which was fairly pain free and swimming was completely pain free but the walk to my physio appointment hmm... boy! did that hurt! Climbing the stairs kinda went like so... ow owwa ow eee. Paaainful! Anyway I seen Rachel from the sports therapy team and after a bit of analysis she said she would need to get 'the big guy' in for a second opinion. Turns out the big guy wasn't so big and he quizzed me on my running basically sounded me out from the word go. He asked what help I was getting and said he wasn't going to advise me to stop running as he understood that would be too hard. We agreed to cut down the epic long runs to one a week, no body attack, more stretching, as little impact exercise as possible and not to make up for mileage by swimming more. He also suggested I took on some supplement drinks and was really understanding. It was nice to meet a health professional that didn't fob me off as some crazed starving girl and understood that I do enjoy running and its not purely to burn calories. I was given an ultrasound on both knees and he wants me to go back next Friday for a follow up appointment.

I can't tell you how relieved I am! I really thought it was shin splints or worse... a stress fracture so as much as tendonitis is painful its not as bad as it could of been. Its another warning light though and came at the right time as admittedly the exercise addiction was spiraling out of control again. It is bad enough as it is but there was that nagging part of me that thought 'just a little more' but I know by now thats what ED's thrive on. Anything I do will never be enough to satisfy those negative thoughts and I just need to remember to try my best to challenge that horrible feeling that right now hangs around me 24/7. I will just live in hope that this does get easier and that this knee problem is the end of ailments and not just the start.


  1. Tendonitis and IT band troubles are the bane of my life too, and both are playing me up at the moment so I empathise with your situation. For the most part those injuries occurred when I was at lower weights (obviously I'm not now though) and I was told that gaining muscle mass would, if not get rid of the injuries, then at least make them less severe when they did occur.

    You must be hardcore to do Body Attack on top of your running ~ I've never, ever done both and only used to do Attack when I was running 10ks or less. Even then it used to hurt so no wonder your poor knees are complaining.

    Hope things improve for you!


  2. I'm SO glad you saw someone understanding. I hope you are able to take the advice x