Friday, 11 March 2011

Time out

First Green Monster

2 cups of Spinach
1.5 cup of alpro soy light
1 Banana

Thats right guys I finally got round to making a green monster and I was disappointed. Sorry guys! Blog world raves about these little scary's but it just didn't float my boat. I know there are lots of variations so perhaps thats where mine went wrong but lets face it the colour is wrong and I believe colour affects my taste buds. So yes! A pink monster would probably make me happier... suggestions please?!

I took the rest of yesterday off and by god it dragged by! After catching up on sleep with an epic nap I woke up and was tempted to just go a run anyway but the pain was still bothering me and mentally it would of been a stupid idea. Instead I cleaned! I finally got round to pulling out my cooker and fridge to hoover and clean round the back, I re organised my cupboards, cleaned the bathroom, tidied my lounge, yeah you get the picture right?

So I have a tidy flat and today I am going for a work out which I am looking forward to. Admittedly I did let my blip effect my eating quite substantially so I'll try to not push it hard and ease myself back in. I strongly advise if you are you feeling discouraged or no longer enjoying physical activity then take a big step back. I may have taken a day and in the grand scheme of things that is nothing but it gave me some headspace to look at what I was doing and reach out to you lovelies. Thank you so much for all your support it means a lot and reading your emails made me feel miles better. 

The awful feeling about myself is still hanging around me but I'm trying to move past it and no doubt I will hear something in the next day or so that upsets me (hell most things make me cry these days). The difference is I have voiced how I'm feeling and don't feel as alone as I did when I posted yesterday.

Ps. Sport physio appointment booked for 4 pm :) 


  1. <3

    I really want to try a green monster, but the fact it's green really puts me off!

  2. @daisychain

    I'll get to work on a pink one for us :)