Sunday, 20 March 2011

New Gadget

iPhone 4 baby!

My 3G went on the blink after 2 years of good use and it was time for a new contract so I went with my honey apple and got an iPhone 4. Its pretty super but thats to be expected. I am really pleased with the camera as I usually lug my Canon round which is purrty darn heavy so it tends to stay in the house (tsk naughty blogger). So expect more pictureful updates and apologies in advance as you will probs get kitty overload as Darcy loves to pose for photos.

In other news I've had two weeks of physio and got a roll of kenesio tape (pink obviously) which has helped a LOT. I don't want to become too dependent on the tape though and the joke floating round my gym is that I'll turn up like a mummy wrapped up in the stuff. I managed a good 10 miler this week and in my sweaty mess realised I had my running leggings on BACK TO FRONT... total fail! I expect nothing more from me though as I can be quite the dizzy head.

I've had numerous other appointments and got the dreaded blood test results which confirmed I'm anemic again. I'll need to get my Popeye on and down some spinach asap! I had an incline that I was lacking in iron as I was feeling really exhausted and had the whole paler than usual look. It probably contributed to my complete break down last week too so again I probably have to look at my nutrition and make some big improvements. It probably goes without saying that this is going to be a struggle as I feel like I eat too much and don't need any more. However its blatant that this is a typical ED thought and I need to try and get the negativity under control.

A mention to the wonderful Laura for some of the great inspirational posts of late :) you have brightened my blogroll many a times this week!


  1. I have suffered with the effects of anemia a few times and I know how exhausting it can be.
    I hope you are able to get some of the much needed foods that can help you over come it and get back to better health.
    Keep fighting xxxx

  2. Get your popeye on and if you wre willing some sea veg!

  3. So jealous of your iphone!

    Take care gorgeous x

  4. @daisychain

    you too babes & thanks again for your inspiring posts.