Tuesday, 1 February 2011


So I finally sampled the tastes of wagamama with mother dearest :) This is one of the first times I've ever really dined out in Glasgow since moving here (5 years ago). I never go to restaurants because of the anxiety and fear but I conquered it and mother and I managed to bag a quiet table in the corner which made me feel a lot better. The menu has lots of different styles of dishes ranging from noodles to soup. Obviously I ordered a raw salad because I love me some lettuce leafs. I also challeneged myself and ordered a rice dish with tofu which is something I would never ussually give a whirl. I'm glad I did because the tofu was dreamy but I can't say I liked the rest of the dish because I'm not a huge fan of rice. I probably subconsciously ordered something I wasn't hugely keen on because my ED did get the better when it came to ordering. However going out in itself was a big step so hopefully next time I can be a bit braver.


Mums side dish 

My raw salad

Miso Soup

Tofu dish

Mums Meal

Spending time with mum was just what we both needed and it was a lovely eve. We chatted about future plans and decided we need to spend more time together as its something that has come somewhat neglected these past few months. After our meal we headed to the Princess square for coffee and photo taking.

While we were chatting the exercise situation came up and the fact I'm doing too much. To be honest I knew this but have been wearing the blinkers for a while just thinking that its 'not that bad'. It is though and my new years resolution about spending less gym time has fallen by the wayside. I don't like to discuss it too much here because a) I don't want to trigger others and b) I thought if I ignore it then perhaps its not a problem at all. The latter is a total fool proof way of becoming an idiot though because I am suffering the consquences of the amount of physical activity I've been doing. Exhaustion being the main one and the fact I came very close to burn out today. I was welling up at the thought of running and thats so unlike me! I wanted to run but didn't if that makes sense? I'm also very sore, achey, cold and pretty run down. Like right now I could do with sleeping for a week or two but y'know thats not an option. However I would like to go to sleep a little earlier than I have been of late but when I go to bed I instantly waken up. So frustrating! Luckily I'm heading off to London with my sister next week which will be great as I get to see the whole family and usually when I go to my Dads I tend to relax rather than chase.

This weeks plan

Ease up on myself a little so I'm brighter for going away
Pop to the library
Meet friends for coffee
Azure ray on Friday


  1. It's gotta be difficult to admit something like this to yourself! It's a great first step! Here's hoping that this week you're able to calm it down a little at the gym!

  2. Great post girl :) love all your pics!

  3. Good luck, dear! It's definitely change to hard something like that, especially when you just dont feel right when you don't complete your normal routine(s). Ignoring it is definitely not the rightnthing to do, but I get it...out of mind, not an issue. It's just going to eventually become a bigger issue. My advice, think of something you'd really like to do (like a hobby) that you've never had the chance to try. Reward yourself with trying it by cutting back some of the physical activity. That way, you're cutting back and giving your body some rest time, but you'll have something to do to occupy that time. You like pictures and such, maybe take up scrap booking or something like that...it's relaxing and fun. Or even take up some type of art class or check out a spa! :)

    As always, sending all the good vibes I can!