Saturday, 22 January 2011


...shooooes ahem boots!

Its a new pair of Wellington's... not a pair of nikes!

better still they are Hunter Wellies :D

I got the kids ones because my feet are only little which means they don't swamp my feet and they cost half the price. Bop bop! 

You won't believe this but my last pair of wellies went missing! During the snow times I left them at my front door to dry off thinking that nobody would want a pair of pink wellington boots. I was wrong as they disappeared and have never been seen again. Oh well there is a little random info for you. 

Today I did the new body combat routine and la la loved it. It has the teenage dirtbag song which reminds me of being 15. It was also a good work out which I was pleased about because the last few releases have been less than stellar. I seen my mother briefly and she gave me my new boots so that was nice. Tonight has been relatively quiet hence the Saturday night blog post but that suits me fine because its freezing again outside and Glasgow is covered in mist which makes going out kinda spooky.

I have been really good lately and sticking to my stretching routine every night and have even started doing a weekly yoga class which is much more enjoyable than expected. If you are hesitant to try yoga... don't be! It really is a pleasant work out, relaxing, and very good for you too :) For more info on yoga check out this link

Well I don't have a lot else to say but heres my schedule for the week ahead...

Next weeks plan

Work out routine
Appointments times three
Meeting with the BHF
Book London trip
Sign up for this seasons races


  1. They are beautiful! I hope we can meet up when your in London,
    or if you fancy becoming Bristol bound... x

  2. ah! i am turbo jealous of your new boots. i want a pair of those.

  3. @daisychain

    Thats a plan missy! I am London bound on the 10th of next months btw :)

    I can't wait to meet you xxx

  4. @Janetha

    :) they are a must have here because of the amount of rain we get!