Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sidcup 10 Miles

Got the race face on baby!

and we're off!

I look so happy to be running!

The guy that came in first... when he lapped me I remember thinking he should pace himself if he wants to make it to the end.... little did I know he was on his last lap :O


Hi finish line! 1.14?! what?

I didn't win and people run fast all the time but for me 1 hour 14 minutes for a 10 miler is pretty frickin good! I was so happy, my dad gave me a massive hug and inhaled a fruit salad. It rained the entire time and I didn't care as it was pretty refreshing and nice. It didn't feel like 10 miles and just had a great atmosphere! I got talking to this man that has been running marathons for 27 years! It was probably the best race I've participated in and I'm so pleased I got the chance to do it. 

The remainder of the weekend was spent visiting relatives, spending time with my gorgeous niece Poppy, celebrating my Grandmas Birthday, hanging out with my Dad and sister, shopping in Maidstone and taking advantage of my free 3 day pass at LA fitness which had a lovely warm pool.

I returned on Monday feeling somewhat deflated and in all honesty found being away from my home and routine extremely hard. I'm disappointed that I can't seem to shift myself out of this mindset and feel attached to schedules and repetition. If something goes slightly off balance I just fall apart and anxiety just sets in. I don't really know what to do except take it apart little by little and hope one day I can be SPONTANEOUS perhaps not eh? but just a little less high strung at least!

This weeks plans

Appointments galore
Sleep more as I am so lacking in this department
Go and see Tangled with the girls
Tidy... oh its an exciting life I lead la la le la


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