Monday, 27 December 2010


Total lack of words in my last post so I am more than likely going to make up for it in this update ;) you have been warned!

Today the gym re opened which was a welome relief! I missed swimming a lot and the two days out of my routine made me quite the anxious mess. I realise a lot of that is eating disorder related and just tried to be strong and kept in mind that it was only 2 days and not the end of the world. Admittedly I did got out a run in treacherous conditions, slipped, fell and hit my hip off the concrete. When the City has become an ice rink it is not sensible to go running. Luckily I was the only lunatic out running about and nobody was around to witness my comical fall. I came across a new park and I noticed some swans huddled by a tree which informed me that the smooth bit of 'land' was in fact a icy pond. Don't worry I used common sense and found a relatively safe football pitch to do some laps.

Later I hit up the Christmas sales which were disappointing to say the least but I did get...

Snow fairy! It smells lush... funny that?

Every shopper looked like bambi as the ice was actually lethal! I am so over this Winter weather!

This weeks plan

Proper home clear out in time for the end of 2010
Some writing
Preparation for NYE
Stretch (seriously need to do this more often)
Wear pretty clothes as I tend to kick about in gym gear 99.9% of the time


  1. I LOVE the smell of snow fairy but I can't use it :(

    take care gorgeous x

  2. haha that is funny that it smells Lush. i love their products too!
    i'll join you on the stretching part. i love how it makes me feel but admit i dont do it as often as i should either!


  3. @Kelsey

    But you do yoga! Def join me in stretching :) I did it for a whole 20 minutes today and felt really good for it.

    Happy new year sweetie xxx