Saturday, 27 November 2010

NYC: Four

Gosh! Apologies I am just getting round to posting my fourth installment of NYC. I don't want to flood you all with photographs so I thought it be best to split up my posts. If you are a regular reader then you will know my updates tend to be a little on the erratic side so my next post will be final New York post with a full run down on how I found the trip and how things have been lately :) 

I couldn't skip going to the natural history museum so off I went on my adventure which again took a long while to find due to my poor subway navigation. Anyway! The museum was huge and I highly doubt I got to see everything but I reckon I would need a good couple of days to cover the grounds of that place. What I did see was great and I do love a good history exhibition so it was a very enjoyable day. 

Afterwards I headed towards times square...

Now... people rave on about how amazing it is and how its a must see. I agree go see it, get some snap shots and get as far away as possible. It was bedlam! The bright lights are warm on your face & got me thinking about the amount of money it would cost to light the square (cause y'know I'm odd like that). It was sheer crazy and I just didn't feel comfortable at all. 

So what's a girl gotta do?

Shop of course!

I couldn't not walk by Toys R us and ignore it...

I look way too happy in the barbie aisle of the store for a 23 year old. Haha. I did feel like a kid in candy shop though as the shop was so big and the fact there is a ferris wheel in the middle makes it even more of a fairground. I got some Christmas shopping for my little Poppy niece :)

more shopping...

and a little more...


oh! you get the picture?

Shoppy shop shopping! It really is a shopaholics delight and I really could spend many more days shopping and have minus dollas but lets face it I can't afford to skip meals ;) and would wind up homeless which btw would happen if I lived in that City! so it was probably good I had to return to the UK the following evening...  

Back shortly with the final installment of my NYC trip.


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