Friday, 24 September 2010


Bear Fruit Nibbles!

Now what I should of done is snacked on these today and not listened to the irrational side of my head. Except stupidity intervened and I did a relatively long run and short cycle session when suddenly something hit me. Nausea, chest pain, dizziness, general not-very- nice symptoms and oh no! not the... oh yes that lump in your throat and feeling that you just need to cry. You force yourself to not let the tears flow and just pull yourself together. Someone asks if you're okay...? The flood gates open! I know I am not alone in this feeling but by gosh its embarrassing when it happens! For those fellow sensitive souls out there don't worry its a feeling I encounter on a very regular basis. Tonight I dropped an iceberg lettuce and I swear a tear almost trickled down my face! Its okay though as hard as it was I worked through it ;)

I was unsure wether to bring this up on here but I need an outlet somewhere and hey! its my blog. I have been a crier since I was a little one and don't ever think I outgrew it. In school someone would say 'boo' and yeah... you guessed it I would cry. Nobody wants to cry and if you do then please may we trade places?! Its an emotion I dread and hate as its creeps on me out of nowhere and before I know it the water works are in full flow. At the same time I am so worried that people think I'm doing it for attention which has never and never is the case. I just can't help it! It probably doesn't help that I am crazy bananas but I've come to the realisation most of us are all barking in some form or another. Just nobody talks about it... I've decided to break this silence and share as I know many other people feel the same way and I don't want people to feel lonely. Sharing, caring and all that!

These emotions were combined with the fact that I am not nourishing myself the appropriate amount and is another reason why eating disorders are just not worth having in your life. 

So if you find yourself floating in this boat, paddling this canoe, driving in this ship of salt waters know you aren't stranded and the feeling does pass. Lastly remind yourself if anyone feels the need to judge you on how you feel then they aren't worth knowing in the first place.

Wow! This was a rather in depth post so lets leave you with cuddles from my sleepy cat...



  1. *big smooshy cuddles*

    I love those Bear snacks, and the granola.

    You know where I am if you want to rant, ok?


  2. @daisychain

    Thank you angel :)

    I'm always here for you too okays?