Wednesday, 8 September 2010


My meaning of life ... is to do what you believe in and be content and happy doing what you enjoy. I am not a religious kinda girl but do think if someone has a belief then that is their choice and shouldn't be disrespected. Anyway I don't want to be all philosophical and deep because a) I can't be bothered b) this 'insight challenge' is sending me into a little bit of a snore! I could ramble for hours but I am pretty sure nobody wants to hear such waffle! Instead have a giggle at my race photographs...

slow & steady

eat my dust

ponytail swoosh

outta the way mate

Also my name appeared in the paper with my time!

Do you remember the guilty pleasures post? I have something to add to my list... Ultimate Big Brother. I hear you groan but its simple watching and provides good background entertainment while blogging and the like. Anyway justifications aside I want to say how much last nights episode resonated with with me when Nikki Grahame (the girl that moans and throws tantrums) spoke candidly about her experience with anorexia. If you have a moment then you can view the video here and is definitely worth a little watch. Eating disorders in any form upset me greatly because you genuinely have little or no control if it grips hold and for me... it doesn't leave you. You may look better but mentally and physically the sad reality is an eating disorder never truly goes away because at one point or another is massive part of your life. In time it can become less of an issue and the day that I can speak the way Grahame did about facing your demons and having a laugh at the fact 'my jeans don't fit' then I know I will have come a long way. 

Well its 9 o clock so I am off to indulge in my Channel 4 guilty pleasure and drink tea :)



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