Friday, 13 August 2010

Guilty Pleasures

See! I told you I would be back today! Its late though and I am tired so I will just launch into the insight challenge and share my 'Guilty Pleasures' with you guys :) Oh yeah these are shameful...

1. Miley Cyrus (yup that chick from Hannah Montana) what can I say! She has catchy songs, that latest hannah film wasn't that bad and she comes across pretty decent in interviews.

2. Love Ballads (think along the lines of Total Eclipse of the heart...) I'm not even going to justify this as I know everyone likes a cheesy love song so don't even deny it ;)

3. The secret life of the American teenager! A TV show I recently discovered and well its right up cheese alley.

4. Soaps especially Eastenders if anyone watches this it got proper good of late and err kinda scary with that Lucas character. Oh yeah and of course I love a little bit... okay every week night episode of those lot from Chester village. Hollyoaks!

I have quite a lot more but I think I have revealed enough embarrassing guilty pleasures for one evening. Do you have any guilty pleasures you care to share?


  1. The Secret Life of the American Teenager...I watch that show just about every week! hah. DEF. big on the cheese and out of control for it being about teenagers, but I always watch it!

  2. We don't have it here so I download it :O its addictive watching!