Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Thank you

Dear Chloe

You are the most genuine person I know. I love your honesty... it may be brutal and not what you want to hear but 99% of the time you are right. Thank you for being direct and telling it like it really is!

We may get on each others nerves now & again but hey! thats sisters for you right? You have put up with me throwing a monopoly board at you, pinching you, taking your things without asking, shouting at you and telling on you once I had convinced you to tell me what I got for my eighth Birthday. Thank you for not lamping me one for all the times I acted up and drove you crazy. 

I am quite the difficult person... which is an understatement I know but through my highs and lows you have always been there.

You are a courageous, strong, wonderful, beautiful, caring person and I want to Thank you for being you. You deserve happiness and I want you to know that you don't need to hold everything together for everyone. Things have a way of working out and you need to look after yourself and please know I will always love you.

your telltale loving silly sister



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