Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Ick! Feeeet! Is it just me or are they just quite a creepy body part? I don't like anyones feet... even my own scare me a little. Anyway! Those are my new pom pom slippers that are insanely comfy and it feels nice to have something other than trainers on for a change.

My point for showing off new slippers you ask! Well that would be for my earliest memory... when I was around four I received my first pair of ballet slippers for Christmas and I adored them so much so I wore them to bed and refused point blank to take them off. I still have those teeny tiny silk shoes in attic and sadly I never became a professional ballerina but I will always have a little place in my heart for ballet ♥

Random update: Yesterday my water bottle leaked all over my bag and soaked everything excluding my swimsuit. Thanks for that life! Tonight I am off to the pictures!



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  1. Feet are quite gross. Even someone who takes the best of care of their feet...still going to be gross! Even though feet may be disgusting, at least we can adorn them with cute things. Lovely slippers, dahhling! ;)