Monday, 16 August 2010

My Paradise

Imagine a large island one side has a beach with the sunshine and the other side is slopes with crisp snow. Both sides have a heated swimming pool, a collection of nice people, fruit and vegetables, pink taps dotted about the place that pour chilled pepsi max, there are perfect running routes, luxurious hot showers and amazing gym facilities. There is a shopping mall that let you have anything you wish for so that outfit that you have made up in your head but wouldn't be able to find anywhere well don't worry its here! The cooler side of the island has log cabins with warm fires, out door jacuzzis and the most cosy bed you have ever slept on. The sunnier side has villas, gorgeous gardens, more pools, dolphin friends to swim with and soft comfy queen size beds. Money isn't an issue, body issues are non existant, people are lovely, there is no judgement and everyone has someone to hug.

On that note I hope I visit my paradise tonight when I fall asleep which should be shortly as my eyes are rather heavy.




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