Sunday, 15 August 2010

Five songs

Enjoy some beta-carotene with a carrot salad!

Gosh its been a busy hot day! I have been busy painting the kitchen this evening and I am rather late in posting. It was an okay Sunday, loving the sunshine, went a bicycle ride, completed a good 10k run and enjoyed a nice swim. While out on my bike I was using Amy's law which basically means I'm too frightened to ride on the road and use the pavement like a child (lets face it I look around 12 years old) all thats really missing are stabilizers which I probably need as I crashed into a bunch of hedges this afternoon D: Talking my age! I am 24 this year and recently I have been asked for ID not for alchol, cigarettes or a lottery ticket. No no! Cutlery! Also I was asked if I was over the age of fourteen when using the gym back home. Total red face.  

This weekend I have felt a little low and not it the best of moods and I seemed to have let my social phobia creep in over the past few weeks... I've been avoiding everyone and its not anyone else's fault its just how I feel right now and can't seem to kick the dread feeling about being around people. Sure it will probably pass soon or at least I hope so as its not a super feeling to have.

Anyway I'll launch into the five songs to take to my desert island and why...

1. George Martin - Come Together
This song reminds me of a family holiday I went on when I was younger and just reminds me of the beach and sea so its seemed fitting for a desert island. I think simpler times would probably be attached to this record.

2. Air- La femme d'Argent
This is an ideal chill out song 

3. Sigur Ros- Agaetis Byrjun
My all time favourite Sigur Ros song would be perfect to fall asleep to Zzzz

4. Blink 182- What's my age again?
Oh don't groan! I love a bit of pop punk and I ain't ashamed to admit it

5. Velvet Undergound- After Hours
I adore this song and know all the words :)

Frankly this was a pretty boring update but I'm determined to stick to the 30 day challenge. 




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