Saturday, 21 August 2010


So a while back I discovered this cereal for 88p (!!!) in Asdas... now I'm not ashamed to admit I love a bargain so got myself a little box. Cocoa crunch is delish btw :) Anyway on my grocery trip last week to my sadness I could not find this whole earth box of crunchy clusters. Four Asdas later, Tescos, Morrisons, UK supermarket you name it and they don't have it. 

I thought that my usual saviour would have some cereal goodness


Gave up and decided to head to the gym but not before a last ditch attempt at grassroots 


After all that I bet its not even as good as I remember! Also the £2.99 price tag dissuaded me somewhat :O When I do crack it open it will be rationed to a crumb a time obviously. 

On to my five things I would like to see change....

My mindset I would delve further into this but lets face it we all know I'm completely barmy in more ways than one ;) 

Poor treatment towards animals. I find it utterly heartbreaking that someone would abuse or hurt an animal and don't and never will understand why someone would inflict pain on an innocent animal. 

Something that I wholeheartedly agree with and resonated with me 'I would like to see the attitude of the general public towards mental illness changeJessica. The stigma surrounding mental health and peoples reactions and downright ignorance irritate me no end. Its the invisible illness and misunderstood by many because you can't necessarily see the symptom(s). If people were to be a little more understanding and open in talking about mental health I reckon people suffering would be able to cope better and not feel as isolated and alone as the illness already makes them feel. Its something that can effect anyone and you wouldn't treat someone with cancer with total disrespect so why treat someone with a mental health problem like its something that they can be help. It may frustrate those that are not been affected by issues out with their control but if there was a magic cure and one was to just 'get on with things' I'm sure someone suffering would take that route in a heart beat. 

Body/ weight obsession! Particularly in the glossy magazines as its not healthy for anyone to be bombarded with unrealistic images on a daily basis. 

Finally I would like to see a cure for Eating disorders so that they could disappear all together.

Right its late and I would like to make Spin on time for once! Toodle pip (Did I honestly just type that?!)




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