Friday, 30 July 2010


Loving being at home! I was thinking back to when I was happiest and it was when I lived in the middle of nowhere away from the hub of things and being in the countryside has made me miss it so! Yesterday I went out a cycle and it was just great, the sun was shining, the breeze, the quiet and just being outdoors.

Upon finding my love of the bicycle I have taken to using it to go everywhere. I went swimming this afternoon and the pool was lovely jubbly warm. It makes quite a change to the fureezing pool I am used to. However its a new leisure facility and its very fancy with things like a moving pool floor! Yesterday the tots were in playing with ducks so they had the depth at 0.80 which made the 'deep end' feel like you were attempting to swim in the bath. Still it was warm so I shouldn't grumble...

Instead lets talk crumble... thats right! I made my first ever Raspberry crumble for mother dearest. I am getting into this whole country bumpkin thing so I picked fresh fruit from the garden and got to work in kitchen.

hello beasties! (not to worry I did wash the rasps)

mums verdict...


We have mini apples growing in the garden so i'll probably make an apple dish for me soon. I'm not a berry fan with the exception of strawbs. I do love my apples though! My favourites... pink ladies. Do you have a favourite fruit? Are any apples as tasty as my little pink ladies?! 

That's all for this tooty fruit post.

Much love




  1. Oww, looks very nice, mmmmmmm.
    I like most fruits, satsuma's are probably one of my favorite ones.
    Fuji apples are my favorite apples, but I would recommend less juicy apples for baking, usually actually the cheapest, yellowish ones. They aren't pretty but delicious in pies ^_^

  2. I adore Jazz and Tentation apples :)

    I'm a country girl at heart too: I've been trying to use my bike more since my injury but it's the same one I've had since I was 11 and it's rather too small for me! It's so lovely and peaceful to explore the landscape on a bike, and even moreso when there are fresh raspberries involved ;)

    I've yet to find a pool that's the right temperature. I think there's a rule that 99% of them have to be utterly freezing, but I suppose once you get into your 'stride' (or 'stroke' for swimming lol) perhaps their theory is that you'll warm up. Or perhaps all the pools near me are too cheap to heat their water properly :P

    Glad you've been having such a lovely time at home.