Monday, 31 May 2010


Zippity do da

Woah! Its been a while again so time for a little recap yes?


Perhaps one of the best gigs I have been to! I have been a Hole fan Courtney Love obsessive since I was about thirteen so to finally get to see her in the flesh 10 years on was amaze! She played for over two hours and Eva and I didn't want the night to end... so we stayed & we met her kind of... (I touched her coat).



I mentioned a little while ago about the possibility of a short inpatient admission... which sadly happened on May 4th. Things had spiraled out of control with regard to my eating disorder and I was becoming physically very unwell. However I didn't last very long on the EDU but being in hospital again gave me the shake up that was very much needed. However this weekend has been really bad and I am struggling at the moment. I don't want to delve into too much right now partly because I think anorexia has had too much space in my life for way too long. I am trying my best to stay on track and been attending regular appointments. Its a slow process and frustrating for everyone around which I feel incredibly guilty about as it seems I take two steps forward followed by four leaps back. Right now I feel at quite a loss and I am battling negative thoughts constantly.


Well! I have completed my final exam which was stressful and exhausting but I went, I wrote, I tried and now... I hope! Hope for a pass mark so I can finally graduate and get my degree! I'm an impatient little madam so this waiting game is not chocolate biscuits.  


Check my waldorf salad I created!

In thee bowl... celery, beetroot, red onion, tomato, red grapes, green grapes, apple, dried pineapple, sultanas and walnuts

Pretty and yummy!

This was rather brief and sketchy but Darcy is looking for cuddles and is threatening to walk all over the keyboard. Now University is finished I hope to start updating on a more regular basis :)



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