Thursday, 22 April 2010


Ohhh it was a toughie but I completed it! 5k in 2 hours 20 minutes... not the fastest time but I got a purty royal bloo medal.  I didn't think I would find it that hard as I swim 2k almost every day but the cold water, length of time in the pool and morning run probably didn't help. I really struggled near the end but pushed on through and made it to the finish! I had a very proud mother at the poolside waiting with hugs a big fluffy warm towel. Bless her for waiting all that time for me to complete it :) 

I received a lovely little present from my friend Sarah! After spin on Monday she brought out...

Chocolate Covered Katie's fudge babies! Such a sweetie is Sarah which reminds me I should return her tupperware box or she will be mentally kicking me in body combat... I jest! I jest!

In other news my flat is being remodeled which equal mess, stress and upheaval. What began as some innocent removal of wallpaper resulted in half the wall following suit. Cue tears and general freaking out girly moments. There are workmen coming in and out the place, my hall resembles a construction site and the dust oh the DUST! Its everywhere! E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E just... D: At the moment I am awaiting more work getting done and Darcy is staying with Alice until everything has settled down. I miss my cosy home and kitty cat cuddles!

Also I have an exam in just under 4 weeks and started out very well with a supreme study plan. I stuck to it for almost a day (no I know... rocking!)  then maybe, possibly, probably it got trapped underneath runners world magazine and erm yeah I really need to get back to the books.

Lastly this may be my last post for a short while as things are very hectic but if I manage to blog in between times then I will of course be back with ramblings and photos very soon.




  1. I so want to make fudge babies! x

  2. Congrats on your swim! You should be so proud for completing 5K...I'm not much of a swimmer at all and seriously struggle to complete 2K.

    Aww, I wish I had a Body Combat buddy who would bring me fudge babies ;)

    Hope things work out with the redecorating and no matter how mad things get, remember to take time out to breathe!