Thursday, 1 April 2010


was not my day!

To start... I slept in so had to quickly pack my things to head to the gym. I was going through the motions of putting things into my locker and bent down to collect my bag and on my way back up successfully clunked my head of the locker door. Ouchies! I have a incline the cute swim coach seen so being the smooth chick I am I pretended I didn't just knock myself stupid. Man oh man did it hurt though!

Fast forward two minutes and the gym toilets were full so I skipped through to the health suite. Now don't let the word 'suite' deceive you... my cat would hesitate about using the loo's in that place! Anyway after I unlock the door the handle practically falls off in my hand. I was trapped! Trapped in the health suite toilets! I considered squiggling under the door but ew the floor! so I yelped for a little while until what sounded like a small gathering outside.  One woman reads aloud the 'Out of Order' sign on the door perhaps I smacked my head harder than I thought and was temporarily blinded on my way in. I heard an announcement over the tannoy requesting help. There was talk of having to remove the door handle when the door popped open. Some random man had managed to rescue me so he received a thank you hug and the I scampered away in embarrassment to the gym.

Of course.... things have to come in threes and that late start in the morning made going swimming a slight problem as during my crazed rush I had forgotten my swimming costume. Don't worry I don't do nude swimming so I went home and returned for a good swim this evening.

However I am delighted that tresor cereal has made its way to the UK under the fitting name 'Krave'. Yum! I think you should all go have a bowl of this deelish breakfast munch immediately.

Hope you lovelies had a better day than me!

Much love



  1. I've never seen that cereal before, it looks great!

    Sorry you had a bad day, but I admit it make me laugh a little, albeit guiltily. Sometimes I think we have to have days like that, and when we have enough, we get a super-awesome good day to make up for it, you know? It's all about the balance. ^_~

  2. I've been wanting to try Krave! x