Sunday, 28 March 2010

Tick tock

Hey angel faces

My oh my did I forget the clocks leaped forward and only go & miss body combat this morning! I did however make up for it with an epic gym work out and swim. (note to self: weekends equal screaming children taking over the pool with frog shaped floats)

I am at my Dads for the week which has been rather good as its given me chance to get away from Glasgow which was more than necessary. After a tough few months I have had a little (big) relapse with regard to eating & I have suffered the consequences x 10. Lost weight means I am freezing and sore 99.9% of the time, my immune system is below normal and I have anemia. Sounds super great huh? Needless to say I feel less than stellar. I have however put on my smiley face self in hope that I'll wake up and smell the coffee and breakfast muffin ;)

I've been told I need to up my food intake so I'm trying to push negative thoughts aside and just get on with it. I have been picky ever since I was little so finding things I like is a task and a half! My Dad made Spinach and Tuna cannelloni which I had a little taste of but unlike Popeye I'm not a lover of the green leaf. 

Yesterday was a day out in London town! We parked at Elephant and the Castle which randomly reminded me of Babar (above) Aww! how much did you love that french elephant? ANYWAY we walked to the Tate Gallery passing an even cooler named place en route.


Now maybe I am not modern, cool and artistic like everyone else these days but some of the things in the gallery how on earth can it be called 'art'? Examples; bits of carpet hanging from the ceiling, random boxes with tape round them and what could only be described as a room that looked like it hadn't been finished resembling that of a garden shed. I couldn't resist giggling like a school girl while some people stared in absolute awe. I have the mind of a 5 year old sometimes I know! I did see some lovely things that were interesting and pretty though so I would suggest a trip to the Tate if you get the opportunity. 


Last but not least...

This is probably the amount of clothes I go through in a week btw. Hey! I'm female! What do you expect?! On that note I am going to crash out and catch some much needed Zzzz's. 

La la Night


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  1. <3 take care honey

    I've been craving spinach lately...I hate it!