Saturday, 2 January 2010



I hope all of you had a lovely time and are looking forward to 2010.

I am not a New Year resolution kinda girl but I am glad to see the back of 2009 as in all honesty is wasn't the BEST year ever but C'est la vie! 2010 is the year to complete my degree, start my fitness career & hopefully finally get to visit NYC :) Thats the plan anyway.

Had a lovely new years eve with those closest to me and got to bed at silly o clock making our way home in the furreezing fog. It was a wonderful evening and after a few hours sleep mother & I ventured to the one open department store for our fashion fix. Afterwards we went to the pictures to see Nine which has been slated by everyone I know but I enjoyed it primarily because of the pretty costumes and the fact it is set in Italy. Later I went home for some yummy home made vegetable broth :)

Hugs, Kiss and all the best for 2010



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