Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Christmas Time, Mistletoe & Wine?

No Mistletoe and I don't drink so no wine! Enough babbling... Christmas time was lovely and snowy! I got a waterproof mp3 player for swimming, perfume, dvds, make up, vouchers, clothes, writing materials, clothes and lots of other glorious items :)

Enjoyed some snow days with my mum and attempted a run this morning which was enjoyable but v. scary! I ran in soft snow which suddenly dipped and I found myself in what could almost pass as a little snow home. Near the end of the country road I had an encounter with Bambi (baba deer) which made me smile.

I am now going home to prepare for NYE and make sure my house is nice & tidy in time for the bells. Bling ding ding. If I don't post again THIS YEAR (how strange is it saying that when its one day until 2010?!) then Happy New Year!



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