Saturday, 20 August 2011

Catch up

Summer was here and I sat out in the sun for hours and got completely and utterly nothing. I'm so pale I reflect the sun. Seriously.

I went to visit my mother in her new home in the westend and we took a walk in the park and she was keen to show me this cafe.... 

Its next to Mother India and hosts a range of dishes to take home. My mum got Tikka Masala and said it was delish! 

A few weeks back the merchant city festival kicked off down my neck of the woods so I enjoyed a stroll through the markets and street acts. 

A personal best on the rower!

Lovely end to swim to find another smiley face box filled with a scrumptious...


  Days out in Glasgow and evening walks after yoga practice...

I love my weekly yoga class at my gym. I feel it has helped me so much with injury prevention and taking that one hour to just relax a bit has made me feel much better and gives me the best nights kip ever! If you haven't tried yoga and like me were hesitant to give it a go please don't be as it really is wonderful. In saying that I went to a terrible class at another gym and found the teacher really pushy and mean which isn't what yoga is about at all. Small confession... when she turned away I made a swift exit because she was so scary. I never ever leave classes as I think its rude but this class was so bad I made an exception and sprinted for the door. Eaks!

Another trip down South to visit my Dad and for my sisters beautiful wedding (full update next time)

Well I don't want to photo overload you guys so I will continue this catch up tomorrow and I also have a little bit of news to share... 

Love ♥


  1. I love it when you post lots of pictures: you're such a gifted photographer.

    Great PR on the rower too: you're 1000m ahead of me! My back always gives out at 3000m for some reason. Grr.

    I wish I could find a decent yoga class. Body Balance is the closest I can get at the moment, and the hip openers are pretty good for me with all the tightness surrounding my injuries.


  2. Aw wow thank you Jess! They are photos from my iPhone so they aren't as good as they could be. I just don't like carting my hugeass camera round with me.

    Ohh ouch be careful miss! Seriously I have such a love/hate relationship with the rower. I feel great to finish but boy! do I get bored while moving back & forth looking at a wall. Hehe.

    I've never been to body balance class! Would you recommend it?