Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Anorexia Kills

Isabelle Caro 12/11/82- 17/11/10

This blog post may cause a bit of controversy but I am sick to the back teeth of receiving emails and comments from the 'pro anorexic' movements. I have never and never will agree with any of the 'help' they have on offer as I have enough negativity flowing in my mind without it being reinforced thank you very much. The above is what happens to those that suffer at the hands of anorexia... they die.

I remember when I first encountered the term pro anorexia... my first year at university, second day on lunch break I was trying to do the social thing and wound up making 'friends' with what could only be described as a total idiot. This particular idiot stated we should all 'boycott lunch' to be good 'pro ana's'. What?! I didn't understand and goggled the term when I got home that day. I was positively shocked and disgusted at what I found! People were advocating eating disorders with hints, tips and tricks alongside thinspiration photographs. It is still happening and it truly is sick and disgusting. One particular woman that will always stand out in my mind is the emaciated images of Isabelle Caro many of these pro anorexics were using this very ill undernourished female as an idol. Anorexia is a distorted horrid illness that you don't pick and choose to have and from some of the things I have read people were hoping yes hoping to get an eating disorder. I would love to see a stop put to theses websites and for people to understand that anorexia or any other form of ED is not a choice.

The true reality of where anorexia will get you is a box in the ground six feet under. Isabelle Caro who was used in the campaign against anorexia died very recently at the young age of 28. That is what this vicious illness will do to you and if you are one of those people looking for clarification that its okay to starve or whatever please look else where.


  1. I wish we could stop pro is the reason i relapsed so badly...well me im the reason, but pro ana really didn't help and that is no lie.

    Anorexia kills, period.... those who wish to be anorexic, do not know what it really means. I hate to say it, but it makes me so angry that i almost wish all of those girls WOULD spiral into true ana, so they could know what its like to be scared every day for their life....if they're smart enough to value their lives...

    that was anger speaking, NO ONE deserves to experience a true eating disorder ever. But it does hurt me to know how many people would be so selfish and stupid as to support pro ana.

  2. A-freaking-men to this post darling xox

  3. @jadedchalice

    I really wish it could be stopped too. I am so sorry to hear that it made you relapse. Please don't blame yourself :( I really hope you're okay and know that you are strong enough to fight against negative feelings.

    Things won't always be this tough... promise!

  4. @daisychain

    This comment made me smile angel :) thank you xxx

  5. Agree solely with this post, people are so naive about this illness! xox