Saturday, 30 October 2010


It turned really cold here at the weekend but has since started raining and is almost kinda... warm! Such strange weather conditions make it difficult to know what on earth to wear. 

This week has been much better than last :) I went with a lovely friend of mine for a good old caffine fix at Starbucks. We split a cute pink cupcake which was quite tasty! I say quite because I only like the icing as I'm not a cake fan...

Favourite meal of the moment is a Quorn Bean Salad! Hey! I like weird combinations ;)

Not tomorrow but the following day I am off to Iceland to start my NYC adventure. I am so excited, anxious, happy, don't have a clue what to expect! If anyone has been to Reykjavik please advise me on where to go as I have no idea and with things being so hectic of late I haven't had much chance to do my research.

Today hasn't been too great and I need to finish my packing which is rather stressful as I have packed and unpacked my case numerous times D: I'm trying to travel 'light' but yeah its not really happening. What a girl!



  1. Glad this week has been better than the last. :) The weather has gotten cold here this weekend as well. Not liking it! Hope you get everything packed in as "light packing" as you can. Have a blast on your adventure...can't wait to hear about it! Take care, darling! :)

  2. have an amazing time darling x