Sunday, 24 October 2010

7 days

Don't worry its not a bloggy entry about that dreadful (sorry if is your cup of tea) reality show about folks in Notting Hill. Its seven days until I finish packing my suit case and head to...

New York City

I have started packing and have no idea what to leave behind! I have compiled a list of places I would like to visit...

Central park (surrounding museums i.e the met, guggenheim  and of course the Alice & wonderland statue), Times square, Rocker feller center, Empire state, Ground zero, Broadway, Battery Park, Statue of Liberty, Public Library, Grand Central St, Madison Street Gardens, Greenwich Village and Chelsea market. I think thats it...

Am I missing anything? Is there any of the above that people claim are great but aren't all that super & not worth going out the way to see?!

Lastly any pointers on cutting down on my luggage load would be helpful :)



  1. You're going to have a most wonderful time here! I would also leave plenty of time for just mindlessly wandering around neighborhoods. You can sketch out a map if you need to, and it won't be hard to find a subway station for when you are ready to head home. Some of my favorite neighborhoods: Soho, Upper West Side, Lower East Side, Chelsea, West Village, Washington Heights. Lots of options! You should also eat cupcakes while you're here -- there are a million cupcake shops. Have fun!